As an established family business, we put all our know-how and effort into every single order. We believe that service, flexibility and quality are super important! 

Throughout the generations, we have invested in the know-how and the tools that will ensure that we delight our customers. We design, print and manufacture important parts of the production machines in-house. We have accumulated a vast amount of expertise in capsules and corks, which we are happy to share with our clients. We are passionate about our products. We keep a large stock of raw material, so that we are able to offer an optimized service with a very short lead time and a high quality product at a very competitive price.

We invest in innovation. In a market that is increasingly competitive and changing at high speed, we must offer creative solutions wich fuel our entrepreneurial spirit, adapted to suit our customers’ needs.

In 2015, Belgian Bottlecap Schotte NV. obtained a grant from the Belgian Government of Innovation, Science and Technology for the development of an innovative, fully flexible screwcap production line. We are committed to taking closures and corks the next level.


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