7. Beer GmbH and Bautz Engineering

Belgian Bottlecap Schotte NV is agent for BEER GmbH and BAUTZ ENGINEERING customized equipment. These two partners are well-known high end machine manufacturers that cooperate together, offering machines with a very high output (up to 36.000 bottles per hour) for different markets.







  • BELOMAT high speed capsuleĀ dispensing machines
  • BELOMAT Rotary capsule spinners
  • BELOMAT rotative goblet shrinkers
  • BELOMAT heat-shrink-tunnels
  • BELOMAT Capsule-stripper
  • BELOMAT rotative Folding machines for coiffes to sparkling wine
  • Bottle-Dryer
  • Bottle-Neck-Dryer

Aerosol industry:

  • Micro leak detector for aerosol cans
  • Rotary tables


Pharmaceutical industry:

  • Valve function tester
  • AeroFid leak detector
  • Rotary table


Cap applicatorĀ 


PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION or VISIT http://www.beergmbh.de or http://www.bautzengineering.de